Liz Parrish - Bioviva - Ending Ageing through Gene Therapy

Liz Parrish on Gene Therapy and how to counter the effects of ageing. She discusses using being the first patient of Bioviva - what was involved in the gene therapy and how she is feeling now - what kinds of test feedback Bioviva will be looking for to help determine the efficacy of the gene therapy treatment. Gaps between research findings and therapies being taken to market is often down to cumbersome regulation. Further she discusses how telemorase maintains healthy telomere length and how telomeres help protect from cell damage, and some of the downstream effects of shortening telomeres. Muscle mass is required to avoid diseases and accidents related to muscular dystrophy - part of her gene therapy is related to rejuvenating healthy muscle tissue. In around four more months, the effects of the gene therapy on Liz's muscle mass will be tested further.

Media responses to human testing in gene therapy are discussed.

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