Liz Parrish Interviewed By BBC World Service Documentary 'Forever Young'


BBC World Service interviews BioViva's CEO Liz Parrish for 'Forever Young', a documentary on pioneers and self experimentation in the world of longevity.  Liz explains why self experimentation and calculated risk taking has an important role in accelerating progress today, and why risk-avoidance is perhaps the riskiest behaviour of all.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

“Life is risky.  I can’t say that the therapies are 100% safe but I can say you’re a 100% going to die without doing anything.”  Unlike in the 20th century “We now have the opportunity to pioneer the future through the booming field of genetics.  It is time to step into the unknown.”

"Pioneers will take the early risks and early trials won’t be perfect, but stagnating and being risk averse is the worst thing we can do because we know how we’ll die, and we consign every generation after ours to that death."

"We’re not going to cure the diseases of aging without any risk and if we have the treatment for aging right now, if we could even slow it by ten years it would be an act against humanity if you don’t put these treatments forward.”

Source: BBC


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