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Here are some of our projects!


"BioViva is engaging in a bold implementation of genetic rejuvenation therapies - a first step on a path that I have been proposing for 15 years"
Aubrey de Grey – SENS Research Foundation
"Elizabeth Parrish has taken the bull by the horns to spearhead an approach to cure aging using gene therapy that no one has ever had the guts to do before. Her gene therapy approach at BioViva makes all of the previous theoretical iterations of telomerase activation nearly obsolete. It will finally deliver on the promise of my team’s discovery of the hTR and hTERT genes at Geron Corporation and take that promise to the next, powerful and groundbreaking level. This is the future of Telomere Biology and therefore human longevity."
Bill Andrews – Sierra Sciences
"We cannot cure the symptoms of aging without treating the underlying cause. Cellular degeneration underlies biological aging and is behind the development of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, renal failure, and many others. Let’s start now and create a world with less suffering."
Liz Parrish – CEO BioViva


If you are interested in the latest articles in the industry, take a sneak peek at our blog. You’ve got nothing to loose!

Dual Gene Therapy Has Beneficial Effects On Blood Biomarkers And Muscle Composition

Biomarker analysis and MRI imaging data from the past year have revealed beneficial metabolic changes and muscle improvement in Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of BioViva USA Inc. and recipient of BioViva’s experimental dual gene therapy in September 2015.

One Year Anniversary of BioViva's Gene Therapy Against Human Aging

An open letter by the CEO of BioViva, Elizabeth Parrish, on the first anniversary of BioViva’s gene therapy against aging. One year ago today Elizabeth became the first person in the world to undergo a dual gene therapy treatment, specifically designed to treat biological aging.

Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease Passes Key Preclinical Test

Decades-old discovery about fetal hemoglobin may soon be cured using gene therapy. The clinical trial set to take place in the coming year


Meet the Bioviva Team



Elizabeth Parrish CEO is a humanitarian, entrepreneur and innovator, is a leading voice for genetic cures. As a strong proponent of progress and education for the advancement of regenerative medicine modalities, she serves as a motivational speaker to the public at large for the life sciences. She is actively involved in international educational media outreach and sits on the board of the International Longevity Alliance (ILA). She is an affiliated member of the Complex Biological Systems Alliance (CBSA), which is a unique platform for Mensa based, highly gifted persons who advance scientific discourse and discovery.



Dr. Williams is a radiologist with a passion for gene and cellular therapies that can be administered under image guidance. He also has an interest in image guided cancer therapies. He did research for several years with adenoviral vector technology for the treatment of cancer. He has spent the last five years involved in research using AAV technology. Dr. Williams obtained his medical degree from Louisiana State University and completed an internship in Internal Medicine followed by a residency in Radiology at The University Of South Alabama.



Dr. Roy - is a Regenerative Medicine specialist, and a top level scientific advisor to politicians, and industrialist from around the world. Avi is the President of the Oxford based Biogerontology Research Foundation an anti-aging think tank. Avi is an biomedical scientist and the co-founder of the Exponential Technologies Institute, a next-generation hub for technology and knowledge creation. Avi frequently speaks at elite global conferences, and writes in the biggest news publications including The Guardian.


Greta Blackburn after years of success in the entertainment industry appearing in films, on television, and in mini-series, Ms. Blackburn shifted her focus, began to build her health and fitness credentials by becoming the Founding Editor of Ms. Fitness Magazine in 1993, and the Founder of FITCAMPS (, wellness retreats for adults, in 1994. From 2007 to December 2009, Ms. Blackburn as responsible for finding the money for the message of bringing Telomere Biology into the mainstream when she convinced the man who would later fund found TA Sciences to a conference in Palm Springs, CA. At that conference stem cell and telomere specialists 


David A. Kekich is a recognized authority on longevity science. In 1999, he founded "Maximum Life Foundation", a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to reversing human aging and aging related diseases. Since then, the Foundation, in concert with many of the world’s leading researchers, has developed a scientific road map to transform the elderly to biological youth. David first became intrigued with extreme life extension in 1977 after founding the country's largest life insurance master general agency, which raised $3.1 billion of premium income for First Executive Corp. 


Dr. Rosenberg, MD, FACEP, is board certified from the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. He has worked in both oncology and with the internal mechanisms of cellular aging. In addition to being an astute clinician, Dr. Rosenberg is a research scientist, and is actively involved in the development of drugs and techniques to combat cancer, obesity, and age-related diseases. He holds a patent-pending on a novel drug for obesity, as well as a patent-pending for a cancer "cocktail," designed to specifically attack resistant cancer cells.


We are gene therapy innovation leaders. We develop therapies to treat severe genetic disorders and cellular aging. We are working on several patents and are seeking strategic partnerships to help us make a positive step forward in our efforts to bring cures to aging populations and those who suffer monogenic disease.
At the heart of Bioviva's product creation efforts is its broadly applicable gene therapy platform for the development of novel one time treatments for diseases with either ineffective or no clinical options. 

As well as investors we are seeking to engage the community to help us to make gene therapy the next revolution in medicine. If you are interested there is a lot you can do to help not just invest, we are seeking people to spread the word about our work, people to advocate for regenerative medicine, lobbying your government representatives and to push for gene therapy to be allowed. If you have a blog, write for a transhuman, longevity or regenerative medicine E-zine and would like to arrange an interview with us or join our circle of friends please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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