Liz Parrish Speaks At People Unlimited On Transcending The Aging Paradigm With Gene Therapy

Elizabeth Parrish spoke at People Unlimited’s March Weekend Event in our Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series on transcending the aging paradigm with gene therapy.

Elizabeth is the CEO of BioViva USA Inc ™, which is committed to building gene therapies to eradicate disease and extend healthy life. She is a board member of Radish Medical Solutions and founder of Biotrove Investments and media. She is actively involved in international educational media via the International Longevity Alliance, of which she is a board member and the American Longevity Alliance, on which she serves as Secretary.

People Unlimited was delighted to host Elizabeth, as we continue our speaker series featuring some of the most definitive voices in radical life extension, including Dr. Bill Andrews, Max More, and Aubrey De Grey.

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