BioViva CSO Anca Selariu speaks at TED on the importance of daring innovation

Humans dream big, break rules they make, set unreasonable goals and achieve the impossible when they fiercely fight obstacles and distractions. The human capacity for abstract reasoning and communication allowed the species to learn, imagine and plan far into the future, and become evolution’s most surprising success story.

I am an integrative biomedical sciences doctor and aspiring cultural universalist. I believe in in the limitlessness of human potential. I imagine humanity as one, beautiful, inter-galactic nation within the next 1000 years, and view each human brain existing today as a precious resource to realize this potential. I hope to:

1. Educate the world on mental flexibility, blend knowledge into a universal language to enhance people’s natural curiosity and ability to think big.

Why?  To overcome imagined limits so that prejudice, fear and discrimination become obsolete

2. Create human enhancements using ALL interdisciplinary knowledge and tools available.

Why?  to allow humanity to keep up and co-evolve with its own brain products.

3. Help design an ergonomic habitat for the far-future humanity, both on and above Terra.

Why?   because our collective mind will always seek to conquer the impossible, and we owe the future humans the best of what we can do today.