Mitch Fernandez, CTO

Mitch Fernandez is a computational biologist with a broad background in analysis, computing, and the biomedical sciences. He completed his graduate degree at the University of Michigan with funding from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

His research topics have included (a) neuroplasticity and motor learning using an augmented reality feedback system to rehabilitate stroke patients with diminished motor skills; (b) predictors of successful interventions for treating obesity by analyzing circadian chronotypes, physiological signals, and actigraphy data; (c) metabolomics of aging in mice using distance-based and regression metrics to compare life expectancy to metabolite levels; (d) metagenomics of the human lung, discovering microbial social networks associated with smoking and COPD; (e) clinical diagnostics for autoimmune diseases using frequent pattern mining and machine learning techniques; and (f) other topics related to structural biology, transcriptomics, and genomics.

Mitch had successful careers in military intelligence and computer networking before deciding to investigate biology as an information science. He is an experienced project manager and business consultant, an advanced martial artist, and an animal lover.