Dr. Avi Roy, CTO

Dr Roy is an Oxford based biomedical scientist, with degrees in Biomedical Science and Computer Science. He is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Translational Medicine at the University of Buckingham (BITM). Additionally, Avi advises academia, biotech, governments, and pharma startups. Including:

  • The Centre for Advancing Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) (University of Oxford)
  • Future of Humanity Institute (University of Oxford)
  • Thiel Capital
  • New Medicine Partners
  • Deep Knownledge Ventures
  • Government of Kazakhstan

Avi’s PhD research involved the rejuvenation of human skin using small molecules, and identifying accurate biomarkers with regards to aging. Avi rejuvenated the skin cells taken from 80 year old patients by transplanting the mitochondria taken from 16 year old skin cells. Using transcriptomics, proteomics and computational biology, Avi identified the pathways involved in the rejuvenation of skin. And ever since, has been screening small molecules to replicate the regenerative process. His research has resulted in an advanced protocol for screening drugs that have geroprotective properties. Which has identified twelve novel geroprotective drugs.

Over the past decade, Oxford has been Avi’s home where he has headed the Oxford University Scientific Society, the world’s oldest student scientific organization. He also co-founded the Oxford Transhumanism and Emerging Technology Society, and the Oxford University Synthetic Biology Society. He is always involved in public dissemination of science and has organised over 370 talks, chaired 8 conferences and hosted 28 nobel prize winners. Recently, Avi has launched the Big Data Science in Medicine conference series, the first conference series of it’s kind in Europe. And the Longevity Reporter, which has rapidly become the premier source for news about health and longevity.