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Epimorphy works collaboratively with Zymo Research Corporation, a biotech research company that has been specializing in epigenetic research for 25 years. See a video created by Zymo Research scientists that describes how epigenetics and the environment interact to play a role in the aging process.

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What is the DNAge® test?

Epigenetic modifications are heritable changes in the genome that occur independent of any alterations to the primary DNA sequence. Epigenetic mechanisms play a crucial role in regulating biological processes as diverse as development, learning, metabolism, and in the progression of diseases such as cancer. DNA methylation, the most abundant and best-studied epigenetic modification, is now recognized as a reliable indicator of biological age. The myDNAge® Epigenetic Aging Clock service is based on Dr. Steve Horvath’s aging clock, the gold standard of epigenetic age calculator built using DNA methylation data. Simply submit your urine or blood sample, and we will determine your biological age by measuring the epigenetic modifications on your DNA.

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We’ll be launching the MyDNAge® Tests very soon. Please leave your e-mail here to be notified when we launch the Anti Aging tests.

The Epimorphy myDNAge® epigenetic age determination test is not intended to be health information or medical data or to be used to screen, diagnose, treat, prevent or assess risk of any disease or condition. The myDNAge® service is an epigenetic age determination test grounded on scientific research that uses marks on numerous places on your DNA, called methylation, which is an epigenetic phenomenon. The myDNAge® service is available for individuals 21 years of age or older. This service has not been cleared or approved by U. S. Food and Drug Administration.