Bioviva Background

Bioviva USA Inc is a Delaware corporation based in Seattle, WA with labs worldwide and participating clinics spanning the globe. 

CEO Liz Parrish wants to change our current paradigm of disease. She first began work in the medical industry trying to bring cures to sick children through stem cell sciences but quickly realised that gene therapy had an even wider scope and could be used to improve the quality of health and life for many.

Dr Jason Williams MD, co-owner and CMO of BioViva, has worked with cancer patients for over 20 years. He has also worked with ALS and other genetic disorders. His commitment to discovering breakthrough therapies is the heart of BioViva. With his deep understanding of cellular science and talent for thinking outside the box, Dr Williams has touched the lives of many people who had exhausted the options offered to them by mainstream medicine. 

The founders of BioViva view aging as a disease because they realize it lies at the root of the most devasting and costly pathologies of the developed world. BioViva's team is passionate about bringing new innovations to the field of gerontology. The company has spent the past several years gathering data, consulting experts, and developing a number of proprietary therapies which target various genes with the aim of rejuvenating the aging body and repairing the damage time has done.

Around the world gene therapies are being tested. These new therapies are expensive and BioViva hopes to signifigantly bring costs down and make them accessible to the general public. 

As part of increasing our health and longevity, BioViva plans to develop and deliver a suite of therapies each targeting the different consequences of aging and disease and promoting a longer and healthier life. Progress in a number of key therapies are already well underway with some ready for testing now, restoring the immune system, rejuvenating tissue, combating muscle wastage, removing dead cells and clearing out the plaque that clogs the arteries are just some of the planned therapies Bioviva plans to deliver. Bioviva will not just treat one disease at a time but instead go to the root of where it begins, it is time to fight the first old man’s war and change the medical world forever.