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The ultimate DNA based preventive health assessment product, MapMyHealth is a once-in-a-lifetime, painless, simple saliva based test that scans your DNA for variations which give you insights into how you’re built, right down to the molecular level. Get an assessment of your traits, drug response profile, nutritional needs, predisposition to over 100 conditions, and coupled with a personalised genetic counseling session, embark upon a journey towards a healthier life – with YOU in the driver’s seat!

This includes:

  • Primary Genotype Report
  • Personalised Genetic Counseling session (~45 mins)
  • Recommendations report (An Action Plan for better health – personalised to your genetics)

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The 3 Steps To Mapping Your Health

Order your sample kit

We’ll send you a collection kit, and you’ll provide us a your saliva sample. The collection device will be shipped to you within 1-2 weeks.

Send us your sample

Follow the simple instructions inside the kit to collect your samples. Please mail it back with the prepaid shipping box provided.


Your result will be ready in 6-8 weeks. The report will be delivered to you by email. You can track your MapMyHealth changes if you take multiple tests.

What you will learn


    Colorectal cancer I Lung Cancer I Prostate Cancer I Pancreatic cancer I Breast cancer I Bladder cancer I Melanoma I Renal cell carcinoma I Ovarian cancer I Basal cell carcinoma I Follicular lymphoma I Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia I Thyroid cancer Hodgkin's Lymphoma I Testicular Cancer I Alcohol Flush Reaction I Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)


    Homocysteine levels I HDL Cholesterol I LDL Cholesterol I Hypertension (blood pressure) I Coronary Heart Disease I Triglycerides I Atrial fibrillation I Myocardial Infarction I Sudden Cardiac Arrest I Stroke I Long QT interval I Venous Thromboembolism I Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)


    Psoriasis I Freckles I Skin Pigmentation/color I Sun burns I Tanning I Male Pattern Baldness I Vitiligo I Atopic dermatitis I Hair Morphology —Colour and Texture I Skin Detox I Vitamin C


    Type 2 Diabetes I Type 1 Diabetes I BMI/Obesity I Hypertension (blood pressure) I Homocysteine levels I Diet Pattern


    Breast cancer I Ovarian cancer I Endometriosis I Vitamin B9 I Hypothyroidism I Bone Mineral Density I Premature Menopause I Age at Menarche I Vitamin D I Homocysteine levels


    Hypothyroidism I Homocysteine levels I PUFA I Alcoholism I BMI/Obesity I Nicotine Dependence I Diet pattern I Caffeine Consumption I Skin Detox I Vitamin B6 I Vitamin B9 I Vitamin C I Vitamin D


    Parkinsons I Multiple Sclerosis I Schizophrenia I Alzheimer’s I Bipolar Disorder I Restless Legs Syndrome I Migraine I Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis I Resilience I Stroke I PUFA I Memory I Avoidance of errors

  • MEN

    Prostate Cancer I Breast Cancer I Male Pattern Baldness I Testicular cancer I PSA


    Restless Legs Syndrome I Rheumatoid arthritis I Ankylosing Spondylitis I Bone Mineral Density


    Lupus I Crohn’s I Multiple Sclerosis I Type 1 Diabetes I Rheumatoid arthritis I Psoriasis I Celiac Disease I Ulcerative Colitis I Vitiligo I Atopic Dermatitis


    Crohn’s I Celiac Disease I Ulcerative Colitis I Liver Cirrhosis I Colorectal Cancer I Alcoholism I Alcohol Flush Reaction


    Blood thinners I Antiplatelet agents I 5FU I Thiopurines I Statins I Sulfonyl urea antidiabetics I Anti inflammatory agents I Opiate anaesthetics I Painkillers


    Renal cell carcinoma I Chronic Kidney Disease I Hypertension I Type 2 Diabetes


    Asthma I Lupus I Lung Cancer I Nicotine Dependence

Why MapMyHealth

Actionable step to better health provided by genomic counsellors, who study your genes and health history

Your resilience gene can help you fight depression, many addictions, and mental health issues

Know yourself better – gain insights to physiological and lifestyle traits &
patterns that define you

Beat health – related stress

Move to a healthier diet

Prevent or delay the onset of disease

Lose weight, achieve fitness goals, plan your exercise schedule, choose the best-fit sports activity, or improve sports performance with your sports

Find your body’s response to many life-saving medications – efficacy,
metabolism, adverse reactions

Understand genomic health patterns in your family to ensure good health for your loved ones

How it works

  • Sample Collection

    Collection of Sample. Once your unique sample has been collected, this can be stored securely. Once we have been informed, we will then collect the kit from you.

  • DVA Extraction & Quality Check

    Extraction of DNA and Quality Check. Once the sample has been collected, DNA extraction will then occur. Along with relevant quality checks.

  • Wet Lab Processing

    Wet Lab Processing. Once the DNA sample has passed the QC process, we will then do many tests to make sure your DNA can be read successfully.

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis. Once the sample has passed through the wet lab processing stage, we will then begin to analyse the data.

  • Report Generation & Review

    Report Generation and Review. Here, we will generate your unique MapMyHealth report and then arrange a counselling appointment with you.

  • Genetic Counseling

    Genetic Counseling. We will arrange a genetic counselling session so that we can discuss your results at a convenient day and time.

  • Post Counseling Feedback Report

    Post Counseling Feedback. The final step will be a post counselling feedback report. Here, we will offer personalized recommendations based on your family and clinical history. As well as the information we have gathered. We believe this will allow you to successfully manage your health in the future.

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