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My favourite quote from Liz is : “The time is now”. This because Kurzweil keeps re-iterating that the most important aspect of any invention is timing. Now, given that his projection (the exponential curve of progress from more or less 1980 to 2050) situates the second bridge of the path to living forever as beginning around 2020, being three-four years ahead of then means that BioViva is a pioneer BUT NOT so great a pioneer that it would be too early. Declaring that, the time is now, now is connecting Bioviva to that movement of progress at just the right moment.

“We should design our own evolution instead of waiting for nature to decide our fate” – Liz Parrish

“We’re working on a cure for the biggest disease on the planet: biological aging” – Liz Parrish, ThinkNation 2017

“We are embarking on more than just health; we are taking strides to make human bodies that are stronger, faster and healthier than ever before” – Liz Parrish

Are we on the path of CURE or of ENHANCEMENT?

‘Gene Therapy: The Woman Who Views Aging As A Disease’ – Chris Brandt, University Herald

Technology Review. “We are attempting to reverse aging at a biological level” – Liz Parrish


‘Aging is a disease. Gene therapy could be the ‘cure’’ – JOÃO MEDEIROS, WIRED Magazine

“I was a person who quite honestly felt I had not really contributed that much to society and this was my opportunity to do so” – Liz Parrish

“We are taking things like gene therapies and using them like technology. We would like to create an open market where people have access to acquiring these technologies” – Liz Parrish

“We must ask ourselves what kind of world we want to live in?…Do we want a world in which people are consigned to suffering and loss of dignity, or a world in which we do our utmost to protect life and value it?”

The Guardian:

“What we’re trying to do is hit the biggest point of suffering right now in the industrialised world, which is the diseases of aging” – Liz Parrish

‘Can this woman cure aging with gene therapy?’ – Dara Mohammadi and Nicola Davis, The Guardian

L’Echappée Volée

“In the future we will be using genes like apps, integrating the appropriate genes for our lifestyle and where we want to live.”

Media Appearances:

  • Journey to 100, Guernsey – July 2017
  • L’ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE 2017, Paris – Liz Parrish At L’Echappée Volée In Paris, April 2017
  • Liz Parrish – Gene Therapy to Treat the Diseases of Aging on NRK TV’s Trygdekontoret, April 2017
  • Wired Health 2017 London – Liz Parrish looking into the future of healthcare – March 2017
  • Forbes – Entrepreneurs’ 18 Fun And Optimistic Predictions About Future Tech by Elizabeth MacBride – February, 2017
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Lateline with Jeremy Fernandez – February, 2017
  • Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies – Becoming the First Transhuman: A Call For The Right Stuff – January 2017
  • University of California San Francisco – Synapse – Finding the Fountain of Youth by Stephanie Holden – December, 2016
  • The Economist – Adding ages: The fight to cheat death is hotting up – August 2016
  • Motherboard – Living Forever Has Never Been More Popular by Zoltan Istvan – August 2016
  • Forbes – Did A Biotech CEO Reverse Her Own Aging Process? By Steven Salzberg – August 2016
  • New Scientist – Gene doping in sport could make the Olympics fairer and safer by Michael Le Page – August 2016
  • The Guardian – Can this woman cure aging with gene therapy? By Dara Mohammadi and Nicola Davis – July 2016
  • STAT – Biotech execs in search of human guinea pigs find eager subjects:themselves – Elizabeth Preston – July 2016
  • Daily Mail – Could gene therapy help you live forever? By Ellie Zolfagharifard – April 2016
  • Discover Magazine – Liz Parrish Is Patient Zero in Her Own Anti-Aging Experiment – April 2016
  • The Scientist – First Data from Anti-Aging Gene Therapy by Kerry Grens – April 2016
  • The Weekend Australian – Biotech boss Liz Parrish claims to have cut her age by 20 years by John Ross – April 2016
  • Daily Express – The REAL Fountain of Youth? Scientists ‘REVERSE AGING’ in breakthrough study by Sean Martin – April 2016
  • Science Alert – Scientists Claim They’ve Completed the First Successful Gene Therapy Against Human Aging – April 2016
  • The Science Explorer – Scientists Say They’ve Completed the First Ever Successful Gene Therapy to Combat Old Age by Kelly Tatera – April 2016
  • OZY – Is Silicon Valley Birthing The Next Pro-Lifers? By Sanjena Sathian – January 2016
  • Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies – BioViva: Ending Aging through Gene Therapy – November 2015
  • MIT Technology Review – A Tale of Do-It-Yourself Gene Therapy by Antonio Regalado – October 2015
  • Next Big Future – Bioviva offering experimental gene therapy treatments for myostatin inhibition and telomere extension – April 2015

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