Catarina Lamm has a BA degree in Philosophy & Theology from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry from Durham University. She is a passionate transhumanist and cryonicist, with an optimistic outlook on the future of mankind. She believes that exponentially accelerating AI from the 2020s and onward will enable vastly extended human lifespans. As well as enhanced physical and cognitive capabilities. She is also an enthusiastic translator and learner of modern languages, with a working knowledge of Swedish, French and Italian. As well as an EU enthusiast, eager to bring European and Anglosaxon Transhumanism closer together.
Her translations from Italian include the transhumanist philosophy essay BioPolitics by Stefano Vaj. As well as books and articles by the former president of the Italian Transhumanist Association, Dr Riccardo Campa.