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Have you ever wondered where your money would have the most significant impact on future generations? Medicine is taking a big leap in the coming years and will help millions live better lives. Investing in the future of healthcare may have a direct effect on your health span as well. BioViva USA Inc is a privately held c-corporation seeking like-minded people to create better outcomes in an aging population. We are developing our pipeline to develop cures for complex disease using gene therapies and a multi-omic platform for precise precision medicine. Want to own the biotechnology of the future? Invest in BioViva.

Investing effectively puts your money to work and builds the future you want to see. At BioViva, we don’t want you to leave your legacy; we want you to live your legacy.


We are currently at the threshold of a significant shift in treating and preventing aging-related diseases. We have one patent and patents pending in the AAV and CMV gene therapy space. In the coming years, more breakthroughs in this field will allow the majority of people in the world to live longer and, more crucially, healthier lives. Our company is at the forefront of gene therapy development, developing therapies to rejuvenate cells and prolong life. Your investment makes you an essential part of the change.



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