Changing the paradigm of aging, Health & Life


  • We target cellular aging

  • We are developing therapies to regenerate muscle and tissue

  • We believe everyone deserves access to these life saving therapies  


BioViva aims to provide regenerative medicine to the masses through gene and cell therapies. It is our intention is to quickly, affordably, and safely bring these life saving interventions to the world at large as soon as possible. Our doctors and staff will provide state of the art care in a friendly and comfortable environment. By addressing biological aging itself, BioViva will be addressing disease at large.


We cannot cure the symptoms of aging without treating the underlying cause. Cellular degeneration underlies biological aging and is behind the development of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, renal failure, and many others. Let’s start now and create a world with less suffering.
— Liz Parrish - CEO BioViva

Elizabeth Parrish has taken the bull by the horns to spearhead an approach to cure aging using gene therapy that no one has ever had the guts to do before. Her gene therapy approach at BioViva makes all of the previous theoretical iterations of telomerase activation nearly obsolete. It will finally deliver on the promise of my team’s discovery of the hTR and hTERT genes at Geron Corporation and take that promise to the next, powerful and groundbreaking level. This is the future of Telomere Biology and therefore human longevity.
— Bill Andrews - Sierra Sciences

BioViva is engaging in a bold implementation of genetic rejuvenation therapies - a first step on a path that I have been proposing for 15 years
— Aubrey de Grey - SENS Research Foundation