Pre - ( Test Comprehensive Genetic Counseling )

Available Doctors

  • Pooja Ramachandran (BKC, Mumbai)

    Director of Genetic Counseling. She has been practicing clinical genetic counseling in India since graduating from Johns Hopkins University in 2008. She is a much sought-after expert in a niche profession and, being the first genetic counselor in the country with a formal degree in genetic counseling, she is committed to establishing the genetic counseling profession in India.

  • Neeraja Reddy (BKC, Mumbai) Board Certified Genetic Counselor (ABGC)

    Neeraja Reddy is a certified genetic counselor (American Board of Genetic Counseling). She received her Master’s in Genetic Counseling from Brandeis University in 2015. She previously worked at the University of Pennsylvania, Telegenetics Program.

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