Mapping your health: why test you snp using mapmyhealth?
Nov 15 , 2018

Mapping your health: why test you snp using mapmyhealth?

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are tiny variations in each of our genetic codes that give us our individuality and can also sometimes lead to a predisposition to diseases and alter our responses to drugs and nutrition.

Looking for one item in billions may sound like a fool’s errand but not when it comes to genetic science. Genotype testing can lay out your genetic code and scan it for known SNPs. These genetic maps tell you about your traits, drug response profile, nutritional needs and predisposition to over 100 conditions.

BioViva’s MapMyHealth is a simple, painless, non-invasive test that can show you more about what makes you “you”, and give you control over your health and future.

Why should you get MapMyHealth?

  • It is the world’s most comprehensive SNP testing package.
  • It can tell you about your risks for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and neurological disorders as well as issues with your gastrointestinal and immune system.
  • It can help you optimize your lifestyle for your unique drug response profile, hair and skin profile, and gender-specific traits.
  • Armed with your MapMyHealth results, our highly trained genetic counsellors will help you understand your unique genome, and help you get to optimal health.

Adam Alonzi

Adam Alonzi is a writer, biotechnologist, documentary maker, futurist, inventor, programmer, and author two novels. He is an analyst for the Millennium Project, and Head of Social Media and Content Creation for BioViva Sciences. Listen to his podcasts here. Read his blog here.