Do we already have the answer to alzheimer’s disease?
Nov 16 , 2018

Do we already have the answer to alzheimer’s disease?

In what could be the world’s most complex and rewarding scavenger hunt, a Texan businessman, James Truchard has announced prizes up to US$2 million for whoever finds the key to Alzheimer’s Disease. Truchard, who gave US$5 million to the University of Texas, San Antonio, to establish the Oskar Fischer Project, believes that the answer to this extremely common neurodegenerative disease is out there, in the reams of research already done.

Truchard, recently retired CEO of National Instruments, believes that there is a “grand unified theory” that might lead to a treatment or cure but we are yet to put the pieces of this puzzle together. The 75-year-old businessman, who has lost family members to dementia, said “I’m hoping there’s some genius out there who will put them together”. The call for proposals opens in February 2019.

Integrated Health Systems (HIS) is also doing its part in testing its new telomerase gene therapy to tackle the disease. IHS is building upon mounting research evidence that points to the association of shorter telomere length, i.e. the ends of our chromosomes, to Alzheimer’s. This reduction in telomere length can be dealt with by induction of an enzyme called telomerase.

Go here to find out more about IHS’s Alzhemier’s Disease trials, and to schedule a consultation.

Adam Alonzi

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