Bioviva, gene therapy and blockchain merges in Russia
Sep 02 , 2016

Bioviva, gene therapy and blockchain merges in Russia

During June 20th to the 23rd, founder and CEO of BioViva USA Inc, Elizabeth Parrish visited Moscow at the invitation of board member of the Blockchain Community and founder of Future Fintech accelerator, Alex Fork. As a result of the meeting an announcement was made with BioViva to open an outreach office in Russia. Additionally, an agreement to implement a crowd investing campaign for BioViva using the Waves Blockchain platform was made.

For the first time in history two of the fastest growing trends – Longevity and BlockChain – are coming together.

As part of her visit to Moscow, Elizabeth Parrish participated in a number of activities:

June 20th, at the Intercontinental Hotel, a press conference where Elizabeth Parrish founder of BioViva, Avi Roy a representative of the Global Healthspan Policy Institute, President of Biogerontology Research Foundation (Oxford), and Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves blockchain platform participated. At this conference they announced plans for BioViva to issue shares on the blockchain basis.

On June 20th, Elizabeth Parrish presented her company with Avi Roy at a scientific medical conference at the Agency of Strategic Initiatives, at the invitation of Daria Khaltourina, chairwoman of the Public Health and Demography Problems Council, as well as a board member of International Longevity Alliance. The representatives of the National Technology Initiative, HealthNet Project and the representatives of the Russian Longevity Community were present at this meeting. The conference discussed several issues including the possibility of the use of advanced methods for the treatment of aging and the prevention of diseases, prospects for partnership with major Russian companies, academic and government institutions, prospects and challenges in biomedical innovation start-ups, issues of state regulation of biomedicine and in particular, anti-aging treatments; including prospects of Russia joining the list of countries with an innovative health system.

On June 21st, Digital October hosted a popular science conference titled “Model of World, Elizabeth Parrish: Editing Longevity Genes”, which was attended by over 300 people. During the event, Elizabeth answered a series of questions such as: How do genes work? How are you checking the results? What does this mean for the future of humans? Are we on the threshold of a new round of evolution? and many others.

Elizabeth also participated in a number of TV programs and interviews on several Russian TV channels.

BioViva USA Inc. is a company that has ambitious plans to create therapies that help people achieve healthy longevity, and to one day have this technology affordably available for all people. Alex Fork invited Sasha Ivanov, founder of the blockchain project, Waves Platform, to support a more dynamic development of BioViva’s project in Russia and worldwide. For this purpose it was decided to issue shares on the basis of Blockchain technology. Elizabeth Parrish found support for BioViva from Blockchain.Community and Waves Blockchain Platform, a joint activity will help accelerate the achievement of the set goals, using advanced financial technologies.

Elizabeth Parrish: – “BioViva will become the first biotech company to issue shares on the base of BlockChain technology. The partnership of BioViva and Waves is an important statement. This approach it is not about the amount of attracted investments, instead it is a prescient example of implementation. Our joint success will create a positive example for other biotech companies and will have beneficial impact on the future development of the whole Longevity Industry. ”

Reference Information:

Elizabeth Parrish – the first woman to successfully use gene therapy to slow aging. She is the founder and director of the company BioViva USA Inc, who has the ambitious plans to make the healthy longevity technology available to all. Elizabeth is a humanitarian, and entrepreneur and and an innovator. She is the leading person commercializing the field of genetic research, and she has launched a new era of self-experimentation and developed a new business model for medical procedures. She is the lead newsmaker for the medical business community and for those who follow healthy lifestyle. Her activities are reflected in major media publications around the world.

Avi Roy – is a regenerative medicine specialist, a scientific consultant for politicians and influential members financial and industrial world. He is the president of the Oxford Research Fund Biogerontology (Biogerontology Research Foundation). He is one of the founders of the organization Global Healthspan Policy Institute which brings together the world’s leading universities, government agencies, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. These organizations collectively aim to extend healthy longevity up to 100 years or more. Avi is also a partner in the biotech investment fund Deep Knowledge Life Sciences (DKLS) UK. which is focused on investments in biotech, medtech, and longevity. Avi is a frequent speaker at international conferences, publishes articles in the world’s major media outlets, including The Guardian.

Alex Fork – representative of Deep Knowledge Life Sciences in Russia, founder of fintech cluster Future Funtech ( – community in Russia, helping to develop companies in the field of novel financial technologies). Member of the Board of Blockchain.Community (the largest association of Russian BlockChein entrepreneurs). Member of the working groups and speaker of the conferences: the National Payment Council, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the National Bank of Belarus, the National Bank of Moldova. Author of the book “Bitcoin. More than the money.”

Sasha Ivanov – Sasha Ivanov is the founder and CEO of the WAVES project. Sasha started with programming robots for Forex trading a few years ago, using a model of artificial neural network and ideas borrowed from his academic past. He was always fascinated by the infinite possibilities of neural networks, as well as closely following the new Internet payment system, which inspired him to create the development and exchange services. Sasha also created Cryptoasset.Fund, blockchain oriented technology venture fund. Sasha Ivanov founded the Waves project at the beginning of 2016, and in May 2016 has attracted an investment of $ 16 million for the development of his project. Waves Blockchain platform allows you to create digital stock at a minimum cost, quickly and efficiently, taking into account existing legislation. This financial instrument is expanding investment opportunities, now including healthy longevity technologies field, making them accessible to all, blurring the boundaries between countries and continents.

Adam Alonzi

Adam Alonzi is a writer, biotechnologist, documentary maker, futurist, inventor, programmer, and author two novels. He is an analyst for the Millennium Project, and Head of Social Media and Content Creation for BioViva Sciences. Listen to his podcasts here. Read his blog here.