Bioviva and Telocyte
Oct 02 , 2015

Bioviva and Telocyte

BioViva would like to thank Dr Michael Fossel for this blog spot and in recognizing the importance of our work. BioViva will be using FDA standards and an IRB in all of our clinical trials. Bioviva is choosing to do them offshore so that we can spend less money and create treatments that people can afford. This offshore method is used by many of the biggest pharmaceutical companies as well.

Michael explains why there is a difference in the approach of the two companies but importantly why there is room for both methods. It is not about being first, being first is irrelevant, it’s about developing therapies that could ultimately save lives!

Adam Alonzi

Adam Alonzi is a writer, biotechnologist, documentary maker, futurist, inventor, programmer, and author two novels. He is an analyst for the Millennium Project, and Head of Social Media and Content Creation for BioViva Sciences. Listen to his podcasts here. Read his blog here.