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The BioViva Vault is Advancing Gene Therapy and Longevity Science

14 November 2019

Big data is huge. It’s hard to emphasize how important it will be for nearly every aspect of our lives over the next century....

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Gene Therapy – A Historical Overview and Future Prospects

13 November 2019

Gene Therapy – A Historical Overview and Future Prospects Humanity has faced many deadly diseases over the course of  its history. Infectious diseases took...

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Help Them See the Future

18 October 2019

  Dessie is a hundred years old.  By most standards this is a ripe old age, one most of us would be grateful to...

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Alzheimer’s Gene Therapy Human Study Seeks Volunteers

14 October 2019

Integrated Health Systems, in partnership with Maximum Life Foundation, is funding a trial to rejuvenate microglial cells using telomerase gene therapy. This trial is...

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Klotho: Queen of Anti-Aging Proteins

5 October 2019

Klotho, named after one of the Fates of Greek mythology, is the queen of anti-aging proteins. There are no close contenders at this time....

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Gene Therapy on Mars?

27 August 2019

                    The Final Frontiers: Space and Gene Therapy Space is not a hospitable place. Radiation,...

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