In March 2018, BioViva USA Inc (BioViva) announced an exclusive collaboration with Integrated Health Systems Ltd (IHS). BioViva examine IHS data on behalf of patients who are given access to consensual gene and cell therapies worldwide. Today’s investors are wary of drug development industries because progress can take decades. Furthermore, performance in humans can be difficult to demonstrate. Due to this time lag, it is difficult for small companies to stay in business whilst waiting for funding. To solve this problem, IHS will help patients get access to treatments through BioViva’s platform. Helping to generate accurate patient data and validate investment security.

To this end, BioViva is committed to the following:

Bridging stakeholders with biotechnology: Biotech companies will be able to use the IHS patient access and BioViva platform and show evidence of their drugs safety and efficacy in humans.

Accelerated path to human trials: The IHS/BioViva platform is intended to provide biotech companies, doctors networks and patients with fast and efficient access to each other,. Helping take years off therapeutic development.

Growing knowledge base: The BioViva platform will continuously collect and monitor human data. As well as any changes in biomarkers of aging due to treatments. BioViva will utilise the latest machine learning algorithms to validate these findings. Then, find the optimal combinatorial regimens for age-reversing treatments. BioViva will make their insights available to contracted users of their platform.

Ensuring dependability: Doctor networks, biotech companies and patients will come to depend on the benefits from BioViva platform services, and insights from their platform.

BioViva has spent years finding the most meaningful way to most affordably help patients get access to therapeutics. As well as track the data on those patients to ensure we understand what is happening after treatment. BioViva CEO Liz Parrish states, “The ability to partake in a treatment is a human right. To be able to do it as safely as possible is a medical doctors job, and proving whether the therapy works is BioViva’s work”.

“This platform will expedite drug funding and therefore drug development by years.” states BioViva CEO Liz Parrish. “ Investors need to know what drugs are working before funding lengthy trials. We are not a one treatment company. Rather, we want to be one platform for all the promising biotech therapeutics.”

In that respect, BioViva is a platform company with the principles as described in this release.

BioViva USA Inc. – Delivering on patient access with analysis.

BioViva aims to be an advanced medicinal product access platform. To this end, BioViva is committed to the following:

BioViva is a platform to expedite the development of drugs and treatments that affect the human healthspan. To achieve this goal, BioViva has developed a comprehensive set of biomarkers of aging, which include molecular, physiological, anatomical, clinical, and qualitative markers. BioViva also collaborates with clinicians, biomedical scientists, and statisticians to develop innovative protocols for adaptive clinical trials for gene and cells therapies. Finally, BioViva has built a bioinformatics pipeline to analyse the data generated from the biomarkers of aging in human trials. And validate the treatments that are effective for treating the aging process.

BioViva has recently partnered with the patient-paid-for clinical trial company Integrated Health Systems (IHS). IHS connects doctors with patients who want to take part in paid-for clinical trials. During our collaboration with IHS they will utilise our adaptive clinical trial protocols to conduct gene and cell therapy trials. All patients will undergo pre- and post testing using BioViva’s comprehensive biomarkers of aging platform. Treatment efficacy, and patient well-being will be assessed using our bioinformatics pipeline.

The goal of BioViva is to accelerate the development of products that will effectively, and cost-efficiently treat biological aging. Our platform is designed to provide expedited and reliable feedback to our clinical and manufacturing partners. So that they may rapidly iterate their products and services to help patients improve the quality and quantity of their life.

Success for BioViva entails finding therapies that work quantitatively by reversing or slowing biological aging in humans. As measured by DNA methylation, metabolic, physiological, anatomical, and clinical markers. In addition, we will qualitatively improve patient well-being by helping patients achieve an optimal healthy life.

BioViva is a platform for anti-aging biotech development. BioViva is to biotech, what meta-analysis is to medical research. BioViva’s platform is designed to accommodate all forms of research and development that targets the aging process in humans. We work with biotech companies and biologic manufacturers. Helping them conduct accelerated adaptive clinical trials to ascertain the efficacy of their products in treating the aging process.

According to FDA drug approvals between 2004 and 2014, there is a 15 percent chance of going from Phase 1 through to FDA approvals for biologics, and a 7 percent chance of success for small molecules. This high rate of failure highlights the problems with preliminary drug testing platforms. BioViva is a cost-effective solution for biotech companies to rapidly test their drugs in humans to determine where to embark on the expensive and time-consuming FDA or EMA approval process.

The biggest challenge in evaluating the efficacy of anti-aging treatments are biomarkers of aging. Currently, the best biomarkers of aging are loosely associated with biological aging. Especially in people aged over 50.

This is clearly the biggest problem as we cannot wait for 10 years to test every treatment. Therefore, at BioViva we have designed a comprehensive biomarker of aging platform that should be able to ascertain anti-aging treatment efficacy within a couple of years.

In summary, we want to help humans live long and healthy lives. And we have built a platform to assess anyone’s products that can help us achieve this goal.